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4 Natural Cleaning Tips

Store-bought cleaning products tend to be full of chemicals that are bad for the environment. Fortunately, you can make your own cleaning products with ingredients you probably already keep on hand. Below you'll find four natural cleaning suggestions to keep your home clean and beautiful. 1. Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner Vinegar is a trusted cleaning…

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Speed Cleaning: When Company Is on the Way

Company is on the way! This can be joyful – we love seeing friends and family – but if you need to do some quick cleanup work in your Springfield apartment, these speed-cleaning tips will help. Your friends and family are coming to see you, not your apartment, but a quick sweep through can make your place…

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5 Money-saving Ways to Use Vinegar to Clean Your Apartment

Are you tired of toxic cleaning products filling your apartment with strong fumes? Do you hate wasting your hard-earned money on specialty cleaners? Then it's time to stock up on white distilled vinegar. This environmentally friendly liquid is very acidic, so it's an excellent cleaner and also very effective at killing some common germs, including pathogenic strains of…

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