Creating the Perfect Office Space in Your New Apartment

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Create Your Perfect Apartment Working Space

If you work from home, you’re going to need a home office space. When searching through Springfield apartments, you may find you don’t have an extra bedroom to dedicate to office space. What to do? Don’t let the lack of room stop you. Here are some helpful tips to enable you to create a productive space where you can work and thrive. 

Work Out Your Setup 

What do you need? A simple setup with a flat surface for working on your laptop? Or do you need space for a printer or creative designing? Seek out adjustable furniture pieces that can adapt to your needs. Look for a desk that has drawers and pair it with a bookshelf. 

Make Your Work Space Distraction-Free 

Avoid the temptation to personalize your workspace as you would do in an office environment. Instead, opt for a space that is uncluttered and has only the essentials. When you keep your living room desk mess-free, it will blend in better with your overall décor. Resist the temptation to use your office space as a “catch-all” for wayward items. 

Location, Location, Location 

If you need relaxation and inspiration, face your office space toward a window. Easily distracted? Dedicate a corner to your workspace, and frame it with a bookshelf or screen to keep outside distractions to a minimum.  

Blend Your Workspace Into Your Home Decor 

Unless you have a separate room for your office, having a space that is filled with storage supplies can interrupt the flow of your apartment and scream “Office!" Keep your pens, paperclips and other office tools hidden in baskets or bins. Keep printers and other equipment hidden behind cabinets. Keep the color scheme the same to continue the flow.

Make Space Your Own 

Your personal office area should be a place that invites creativity and inhibits outside distractions. At the same time, you want the space to be uniquely yours. Keep clutter to a minimum, but include décor that inspires you and keeps you on track. Think motivational posters and framed examples of projects you are proud of. 

Your new Springfield apartments offer the perfect space to carve out your work-at-home office. Check out the floor plans at the Residences at Springfield Station today. 

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