Top Ways to Minimize Your Energy Usage

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sunflowerSummertime is a nice reprieve from the rest of the year and can often bring lower-than-normal energy bills. But that is exactly when bad habits start to develop, leaving you with enormous bills through the winter and beyond. So, you will need to do what you can now to turn your habits around and save yourself from higher energy costs later on. To help you get started, here are three excellent ways to minimize your energy usage.

Set the Thermostat Up Right

When it comes to lowering your energy bills, you can allow the thermostat to do the heavy lifting. Set it at a comfortable temperature you can stand and leave it there. For the greatest savings, see if you can leave it at 68 degrees or below during the cold season. In the warmer months, aim for 78 degrees or above to minimize your A/C usage. With this approach, you can keep your energy bills minimized while staying comfortable in your Springfield apartments.

Run Big Appliances at Night

In many locations, the rate fluctuates throughout the day, making energy much more expensive in the daytime hours. To get around this problem, all you have to do is switch to doing laundry and dishes at night. Check your energy bill to see what time the rate changes over and stick to running your big appliances after that hour. You should see a change right away, though the biggest improvements will come with the winter rate adjustment.

Unplug Everything Not in Use

All the electronics plugged into the wall draw a small amount of electricity at all times. Although it is only a tiny amount, if you have a lot of unused items plugged in, it can really add up. So, go around your apartments in Springfield and unplug everything you do not need to use or charge at the moment. And you will see your bills drop and stay low through the often-more-expensive winter season.

Once you are finished reducing your energy usage, you can start thinking about upgrading to a new apartment home. For more information about what’s available, give our team a call at 866-690-4675.

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