Speed Cleaning: When Company Is on the Way

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dishes Company is on the way!

This can be joyful – we love seeing friends and family – but if you need to do some quick cleanup work in your Springfield apartment, these speed-cleaning tips will help. Your friends and family are coming to see you, not your apartment, but a quick sweep through can make your place look Pinterest worthy and company ready in just minutes.

Speed Clean Your Springfield Apartment in Record Time

Dump the Clutter

Tabletops, the sofa, and counters may be the temporary home for books, papers, mail and more; get an instant upgrade by sweeping all of these items into a large plastic tub. Store the tub in your own bathroom, which isn’t likely to be visited by guests; this will keep the things close at hand so they can be returned to their rightful places later.

Kitchen and Guest Bath

Make a quick sweep through both places and remove laundry, put soiled dishes in the dishwasher and remove items from the counters. In the bath, clean the mirrors, add new towels and make sure there is toilet paper and soap. In the kitchen, clean the countertops, light a fresh-smelling or seasonal candle and empty the sink

Tidy the Living Room

The area where your guests will spend the most time should get most of your attention. You’ve already decluttered, so now throw away any visible trash, clean tabletops and any glass surfaces like the television. Add accent pillows and a seasonal throw and put on some background music.

Sweep and Vacuum

Run the vacuum for a “just cleaned up” look and sweep the floor in the kitchen and entryway. You’ll be able to complete this quickly and then stash the cleaning supplies away.

When company arrives, you can relax, knowing all areas they will see are neat and tidy. For most Springfield apartments, this process can be completed in about 20 minutes, leaving you time to prepare to entertain. At the Residences at Springfield Station, striking countertops, plenty of storage and natural light make it easier than ever to entertain and show off your lovely home. Contact us today for a walkthrough and to see just how striking your home could be.

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