5 Clever Ways to Utilize That Single Sock

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SocksSocks start off their lives in a committed relationship, but then some decide that they'd rather make a go of it on their own. Unfortunately, life is not always easy for a single sock. Some are tossed out in the trash, while others end up in a pile, where — with any luck — they might be reunited with their "sole" mate one day. But there are other more productive paths available to these single socks. Just check out these following five ideas:

Window Defroster

Do you hate when your windows fog up when you're driving? Then take an old sock, fill it with kitty litter, and close the end with a rubber band. You can then place your little creation on your dashboard where the kitty litter will help absorb any extra moisture in your car.  

Potpourri Satchel

Keep your lingerie smelling fresh with a homemade potpourri satchel. To create the satchel, all you have to do is fill up one of your lonely socks with some nice-smelling potpourri. Secure the end shut with a rubber band, and then place in your underwear drawer. 

Dust Your Furniture 

A single sock makes an excellent dusting mitt. Just put the sock over your hand, spray with some furniture polish and — voilà — dust away!

Make a Dog Toy

Dog toys can be expensive. So why not use an old sock to create your own? Simply place a tennis ball or an empty water bottle into a men's tube sock and then use a knot to close it up.  

Create a Coin Purse

Do you have a cute baby sock laying around that is just too adorable to toss? Then turn it into a little coin purse. All you have to do is sew a coin purse clasp on the open end of the sock, and you're done. 

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