How Often Should You Take Your Cat to the Vet?

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There are so many amazing benefits of owning a cat. Not only are they independent, but they’re also relatively easy to care for when it comes to their overall health. But even if cats are self-sufficient, you’ll still need to make a concentrated effort to keep up with their medical care. If you’re wondering how often you should take your cat to the vet, keep these facts in mind.

Early Care

Most cat owners know that kittens need their shots, and your first visit to the vet is also a great time to start asking questions about your cat’s specific needs. Your cat should be spayed or neutered by 6 months or so if it wasn’t already done through its original adoption agency. A cat is considered an adult by the age of 1 year. At this time, your vet should be able to give you more specific instructions about how often you should come back for a visit.

Middle Years

For the first few years (up to age 7 or so), it’s recommended that you stop by the vet at least once a year. Your vet may recommend a different schedule based on your cat’s risk factors or pre-existing conditions. Most vet visits will be similar to your standard check-ups. The vet will check and clean its teeth, update its vaccines, and check your cat’s overall state of being. Cats are particularly good at masking pain, and a vet may be the only one who can help.

Advanced Years

Cats older than 7 should head to the vet around twice a year, while cats older than 10 may need to go up to three times a year. Cats need regular vaccines as time goes by, whether they’re indoor or outdoor. As they get older, the vet will pay special attention to their digestion, respiratory system and cardiac systems to ensure that they’re in good shape.

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