Fall Tips for Staying Active and Fit

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Let's face it, when the temperatures start to drop and life gets really busy in the fall — with upcoming holidays and other commitments — it's easy to start slacking off on your fitness plan. A lot of folks would rather stay cozy in their Springfield apartments than go outside for a chilly morning run. If you're needing a little extra motivation to stay active this fall, here are some tips to help you out!

Fall Tips for Staying Fit

  • Set some goals. Writing down your goals can be a great way to stick to or adjust a fitness plan. Check the calendar. Maybe there's an upcoming 5K or 10K run you could take part in later in the fall. Maybe you want to shed a few more pounds before Thanksgiving — or add some more muscle. Whatever your fitness goals may be, writing them down will help you achieve them and set a plan to get there.
  • Set a schedule. Plan your weeks by scheduling your workout time. If you set a calendar in your head and think, "I'll work out after that last meeting on Thursday," something else will always come up. Schedule it, write it down and stick to it!
  • Tell your goals to someone. If you share your fitness goals with someone else, you're more likely to stick to your fitness plan. They may occasionally ask you about how your workouts are going, so you won't want to disappoint them. Better yet, if you can find a workout partner who can exercise with you, you can hold each other accountable.
  • Psych yourself up. You can encourage yourself to keep working out by changing the way you think about exercise. Don't think that you "have" to work out. Think about how fortunate you are to get to work out because you're taking great care of yourself. Don't talk yourself out of exercising by talking down to yourself.
  • Vary your workouts. Don't ever let boredom set in when it comes to fitness. Join a group aerobics or cycling class, find an indoor pool or try something completely new to keep it interesting.

Those are just a few tips to help you stay active as we head into fall. If you know someone else who is looking for apartments in Springfield this fall, have them contact the leasing office at 866-690-4675.

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