Do’s and Don’ts When Renting an Apartment

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Whether you’ve lived in an apartment before or are looking to rent an apartment for the first time, it can be difficult to choose an apartment out of the many options available. Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts when renting an apartment.

Do: Save as Much Money as Possible

When it comes to renting an apartment, it is always best to save as much money as possible. If you’ve rented an apartment before, chances are you know that surprise expenses are very common. Some examples of surprise expenses include the deposit, the furniture, supplies and decor. Ideally, you should have three times the amount of your monthly rent in your savings before you move.

Do: Be Open to Many Options

A common mistake that many people make is failing to keep their options open. It’s best not to rush when it comes to renting an apartment. The only time it is acceptable to rush is if the situation is urgent. For example, you may need to move to the new area quickly for a job. Just about everyone would prefer to move into a brand-new apartment. However, if you take the time to look, you may be able to find a well-maintained apartment for much cheaper.

Do: Buy What You Need

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. As a result, many people end up buying far more than they need. It is important that you avoid letting your excitement get to you. There is no need to buy everything all at once. Instead, you should stagger your purchases so that you’re less likely to purchase things you don’t need. If an item is unnecessary, don’t splurge on it. It is important to watch your spending.

Don’t: Start Your Utilities Immediately

Avoid making the mistake of starting your utilities immediately. Ideally, you should wait until your move-in date to start your utilities. Otherwise, you may end up paying extra for the service even though you weren’t living in the apartment. Have your landlord deal with the utilities until your move-in date.

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